About Marc Jedel

In my family, I was born first — a fact my sister never lets me forget, no matter what milestone age she hits.

For most of my life, I’ve been inventing stories. Some, especially when I was young, involved my sister as the villain. As my sister’s brother for her entire life, I’m highly qualified to tell this tale of this evolving, quirky sibling relationship.

My writing skills were honed in years of marketing leadership positions in Silicon Valley. While my high-tech marketing roles involved crafting plenty of fiction, we called these marketing collateral, emails and ads.

My family and friends would tell you that Marty’s character isn’t much of a stretch of the imagination for me, but I proudly resemble that remark.

Like Marty, I live in San Jose, where I write within earshot of the doppler effect of the local ice cream truck driver. My two kids do live across the country and benefit from what I believe are witty texts from their father. Fortunately, they’re too far away for me to hear their groans. Unlike Marty, I have a wonderful wife and a neurotic but sweet, small dog, who much prefers the writer’s block walks to the writing process.

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— Marc


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