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(don’t worry,they’re short reads)

Reality is Funnier than Fiction

Well, my books are pretty funny, but vacationing in Ireland and Scotland made me laugh at all the silly things I saw. Here are best that inspired me to write faster and finish book 3 (SURF AND TURF) in the Silicon Valley Mystery series.

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Real World Inspirations for Book 2

Here are a few, REAL-WORLD images that I took, or were sent, during the Making of Chutes and Ladder (Note: no Oscar-winning documentary completed or underway). Enjoy these fun examples from my daily life.

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Submitted Book 2 to the Editor!

Submitted Chutes and Ladder (Book 2 in Silicon Valley Mystery series) to my editor today. It was a focused final month of effort to get it done. Now, about that turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie …

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No more VW Beetle?! Say it ain’t so

The Beetle is DEAD? How sad! Maybe it’s all an elaborate marketing gimmick to juice sales. But, wait, there’s still hope! “Never say never” — words to live by. Just don’t use them on your kids.

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