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Book 4: Hit and Mist

34 Customer Reviews on Amazon.

 4.8 out of 5 stars

He’s determined to prove his friend innocent of homicide. He may make things worse … 

Like your mysteries twisty and funny? You’ll love this humorous cozy mystery.


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Book 1: Uncle and Ants

469 Customer Reviews on Amazon.

  4.3 out of 5 stars

Mysterious attacks. Mischievous nieces. Can a clueless uncle catch a tech-savvy killer … and be home before bedtime?

If you like clever humor, sassy side characters, and average Joes facing extraordinary circumstances, then you’ll love this twisty mystery.

Reviews from Readers

Filled with suspense, the story’s appealing characters and humorous situations create an exceptional and entertaining plot which ensnares the reader.
positively Evanovich-esque
I had a hard time putting down this book! Marty is a funny leading character whose snarky inner voice adds a lot of humor. Right when you assume something is going to happen, you’re thrown a plot twist.
If you’ve enjoyed Carl Hiassen books like Razor Girl or Bad Monkey, this should be a must read” for you! It’s a modern high-tech thriller with great human insights.
Lots of plot twists. A great depiction of life in Silicon Valley, the craziness and speed and some ruthlessness, but with a kind eye. Resembles the #1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series
This was exactly the kind of book I was in the mood for — a light-hearted, funny mystery. If you want a fun, snappy mystery, this is a great book.