When Marc Jedel asked me to do a guest post for a blog, I said yes to help a friend. Of course, I assumed this would involve creating and uploading a video or taking photos of my town. How could I know he expected me to write something? The last time I wrote anything longer than a text message was back in high school. Do people still read? I mean I know that hobby is not technically extinct yet since  antiquated people like my mother hold on to useless hobbies like that. But, after all, she is pretty old—in her late fifties.

I go by Charlie. It’s short for Charlotte, but no one but my grandmother calls me that. Of course, it does cause me ongoing aggravation when my electrical or plumbing clients assume Charlie is a man’s name. Although it can be funny to see their shocked expressions when I pull up. But like, what’s the big deal about a woman electrician or plumber? I’m on my way to achieving master status in both fields. If they don’t like my work, they are welcome to call for someone from the next county. Only another year or two and I should have enough hours logged. Then I’ll get to jack up my prices like the other master plumber and electrician in the area.

Marc wanted me to introduce myself and tell you a little about what happened when Andy Shirley moved to town. Talk about an unfortunate last name. This would be way easier if I could just record myself telling you what happened and posting the video.

But, anyway.

Andy took over the Quilt House Inn a short while ago, bringing his big-city attitude and grouchy personality to grace our little town of Monte Rio. He’s the most unlikely bed and breakfast proprietor I could imagine. Our first encounter didn’t go too well, but he apologized properly and his adorable little tea cup poodle went a long way to making him seem less of a Scrooge. Andy’s sense of humor is much like mine and he twigged to some sneaky zingers I directed at others. Hip for an old geezer to let his snarky side show. Also, I appreciated how he stepped into the breach to act as a buffer between me and my mother when she was acting especially like herself—again. I even believe my mother likes him, likes him. The thought of her maybe getting together with someone is too much. Let’s just not go there.

Andy is old—retired like the codgers at the hardware store, but he’s actually less of a grump than he pretends to be. I think that’s just his thing, strange as it seems. Although it is an accurate enough description of his personality that Marc has summarized the story of his first week in town as Grumpy Old Men meets Schitt’s Creek. Annoying that Marc didn’t bother to give me a shout out as a form of advertising my business. Like why not Grumpy Old Men meets . . . I guess the only movie about plumbers I can think of is Super Mario Brothers and, for sure, I don’t want to be compared to Luigi.

Apparently Marc plans to write more novels in what he calls a humorous murder mystery series, but I hope he changes his mind. It’d be uncool for anyone else in town to get murdered. In fact, Marc could be considered an accessory to murder if he knew someone will get murdered and didn’t report it to the police. That’d sure put a twist in my mother’s undies. She’s the chief of police here in Monte Rio. I’d love to see the look on her face if she had to arrest Andy. Then we’ll see if she still likes him. I should bring this up to her. At least when we’re talking again.

Before we go, Marc asked me to tell you that his novel, Rivers and Creaks, is available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook at: https://mybook.to/RiversandCreaks. You can find all his cozy mysteries at: https://www.amazon.com/Marc-Jedel/e/B07H7MVKJL. All of his novels are free for Kindle Unlimited members.