Recently I caught up with Megan, the young niece of Marty Golden. Although Marty is the protagonist in my new humorous, cozy mystery book, Hit and Mist: A Silicon Valley Mystery, I thought Megan’s perspective might be interesting—or at least entertaining.

Marc (author): Hi, Megan. Thanks for talking to me.
Megan: [looking at phone] Yupper.

Marc (author): What do you want to be when you grow up?
Megan: I keep changing my mind. When I was young I wanted to be a race car driver. They can drive their cars as fast as they want and don’t get tickets on the highway like my mom.

Marc (author): What do you mean when you were young? You’re still pretty young. How old are you, anyway?
Megan: Did Uncle Marty tell you to ask me that? He doesn’t remember how old I am and he’s always asking me. Ooo, it makes me mad. Uncles should remember how old their nieces are, shouldn’t they?

Marc (author): Yes they should. But your Uncle Marty isn’t all bad, right? Didn’t he get you this new dog, Buddy?
Megan: [squeals and hugs Buddy] Yes! That was so amazing. I love Buddy. He’s our new Labrador puppy, but he already weighs like sixty pounds. I told Uncle Marty that Buddy would be my best friend. [Hugs Buddy]. But, my mom doesn’t always like him. Buddy can be a troublemaker.

Marc (author): What’s he done this time?
Megan: Well, nothing today. So far. But a few months ago, he escaped out of his dog crate, jumped on the stove and turned on the gas. The firefighters had to come to the house. Three fire trucks! Buddy was unconscious on the floor. Mom says we’re lucky there wasn’t an explosion. And our neighbor still won’t walk near our house now. It’s super funny. She parks her car down the street and she’s always sniffing the air when she rushes out of her house.

Marc (author): You have to hang out with your Uncle Marty sometimes. How is that?
Megan: What? [looking up] Oh, Uncle Marty. He’s fine. He tells dumb jokes but he takes us to Starbucks for breakfast sometimes. And he didn’t tell Mom about when I got in trouble at school. I guess he’s sorta cool.

Marc (author): Have you read my new book, Hit and Mist? It’s about your uncle and you’re even in it.
Megan: [doesn’t look up from her phone]

Marc (author): Megan! My books. Have you read them?
Megan: Nah, I like to watch YouTube videos. Your covers are cool, though. Maybe I’ll read them later. Are they about me? You know they would be funny if they’re about me. And you’d have to pay me, right?

Marc (author): Yes, I’m sure a book about you would be funny. But these are more about Uncle Marty and how he solves the mysteries while juggling his work, everything going on in his life, and not getting killed.
Megan: Ok, never mind then. Hey, Buddy, come back here. [Runs off after dog.]

Marc (author): Well, I guess that’s all we’ll get from Megan today. My books in the Silicon Valley Mystery series are humorous murder mysteries. Silicon Valley is not your typical cozy mystery locale and Marty Golden doesn’t fit the normal profile of a mystery protagonist. Despite finding himself thrust into challenging situations, Marty isn’t exactly hero material. He combines wit, irreverent humor and sarcasm mixed in with nerdy insecurities, absent-mindedness, and fumbling but effective amateur sleuthing skills. With an active inner voice and not a lot of advanced planning, he throws himself into solving problems. Sometimes, he even succeeds.

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