Real-life jousting! How could this not inspire me to complete a book titled, “SERF AND TURF”? Get the first chapter of SERF AND TURF free at http://bookhip.com/SVASHA

I was fortunate enough to go on vacation to Ireland and Scotland this summer. While I visited and enjoyed all the requisite spectacular scenery, castles, and pubs, I had to laugh at all the silly things I saw. Below are some of the best, crazy things that inspired me to write faster and finish book 3 in the Silicon Valley Mystery series.

Picture of Inchcolm Abbey, Scotland

Yes, my books are set in Silicon Valley and slightly in the future, but still this is one of those absurd comments to American ears.

Sign on door that says "on this site in Sept 5, 1782, nothing happened."

Despite the many old buildings and beautiful surroundings, the people of Edinburgh also demonstrated a great sense of humor.

Castle garden with statue of panda in middle

Not what you’d expect to see in the formal gardens of an 800 yr old Irish castle.

Closeup view of Panda statue in garden

Took a closeup just to make sure it wasn’t alive.

Marc standing in front of confusing signpost

If it takes too long for book 3 to come out, search for me on the vaguely reddish trail. Or is that mauve? How do the colorblind navigate in Ireland?

Art installation of a toilet with flowers on it in public garden

Dublin, Ireland is beautiful but they have some … unique ideas of public art